Is Rotten Tooth Smell Caused by Cavities?

Is Rotten Tooth Smell Caused by Cavities?

What does a Rotten Tooth Smell like?

Most people have “a not so kissable” breath when they get up in the morning. However, when a rotten tooth smell affects your self-esteem and social life, it's time to check what's causing it. Is rotten tooth smell caused by cavities? Is your dental hygiene procedure effective enough to keep rotten tooth smell at bay? Is teeth whitening an effective measure to eliminate bad breath? Here is what's probably causing your rotten tooth smell ​and how to prevent it.There are some teeth care products that can be used in order to avoid such problems. Get to know the best product among them by reading customer reviews.

What Causes Rotten Tooth Smell?

Bacteria buildup in the mouth causes bad breath. According to studies, volatile sulfur compounds are produced when specific bacteria in the mouth interact with proteins in the saliva. Rotten tooth smell can be caused by a variety of factors, according to experts:
· Food debris lodged in the mouth due to poor dental hygiene
· Periodontitis and gingivitis
· Bacteria residing on the tongue
· Ear, nose, and throat diseases

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Do Cavities Cause Rotten Tooth Smell?

Cavities are caused by germs that live inside your mouth destroying the surface of your teeth. Bacteria feed on particles of food or sweets left in the mouth after eating or drinking, producing acids that wear away at your teeth's surface. The longer bacteria and acids stay in touch with a tooth, the greater the danger of decay and the likelihood of a cavity forming. Cavities and bacteria can cause bad breath. Tooth decay, cavities, and bad breath can all be remedied once your dentist identifies them.

If you have bad breath, it doesn't necessarily mean you have a cavity, but it's a possibility. That's why it's critical to keep up with regular dental visits and to contact your dentist as soon as you suspect you have a cavity or are experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain.

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Managing Rotten Tooth Smell

Practicing regular oral hygiene is one of the simplest methods to manage and prevent both rotten tooth smell and cavities. Begin by brushing your teeth twice a day. Brushing your teeth removes decay-causing germs and food particles from your mouth. You should floss every day to get rid of bacteria and food particles stuck between your teeth. However, if ear, nose, throat diseases cause rotten tooth smell, the above-mentioned solutions won’t help. Though, they might temporarily help reduce rotten tooth smell, you need to find the underlying cause and treat it. For instance, if you suffer from enlarged tonsils, removing them might also help get rid of bad breath.

Teeth whitening can also help you with recognizing the areas of your teeth that are decayed and hidden under plaques. You can also make use of the 3D teeth whitening light system that helps you have clean and white teeth in the shortest time possible.
You'll want to avoid cavities and rotten tooth smell in the future once your teeth are in good shape again. Dentists frequently recommend the following items:
· Use an electric toothbrush to get rid of more food particles and plaque, which are breeding grounds for bacteria. Electric toothbrushes also include timers that allow you to stay at the sink for extended periods of time, allowing you to brush more effectively.
· To remove bacteria, debris, and dead cells from your tongue, use a tongue scraper. This is a very beneficial tool for coffee-breath sufferers.
· If you use mouthwash, look for one that is alcohol-free, especially if you have dry mouth. In general, brushing your teeth lasts longer than mouthwash when it comes to refreshing your breath.
· You teeth whitening kits at home to make your teeth shining and clean. Is it been a long since you felt comfortable flashing your grin? It's now or never for you to shine! You can get GlossRay teeth whitening kit, and protect your teeth at home without making a visit to your doctor’s office.

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GlossRay Teeth Whitening 3D System

You might have heard about teeth whitening systems to make your teeth whiter and cleaner at home. However, not all these products are effective in making your teeth whiter. GlossRay makes use of a 3D teeth whitening system to give you the shiny teeth as well as fresh breath you’ve always wanted. It reduces tooth plaque and gum disease while also freshening the breath, all of which contribute to eliminate rotten tooth smell.

Final Words

Rotten tooth smell is an issue that can adversely affect your life and social relationships. However, it is very easy to solve rotten tooth smell just by some simple procedures including dental care, repairing teeth cavities, and making some changes in your diet and daily routines. To answer the question posed at the title, we have to say that cavities can greatly affect rotten tooth smell due to providing a place for bacteria and debris, which are the main reasons for rotten tooth smell. Hence, by having your cavities filled and using teeth whitening kits at home, you can eliminate rotten tooth smell for good.

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